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" It is written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."
                                                                  Matt 4:4

Sunday Morning Services:                                                                                 

Asking The Right Question     June 20, 2010     John 6: 22-35

The Spirit Of Anti-Christ       June 17, 2010     I John 2: 18-27

Christ-In The Beginning   John 1: 1-5     April 18, 2010

Father, Forgive Them. 

With Me In Paradise.

It Is Finished.

The Power Of Wounded Soldiers    Jeremiah 37 : 9, 10    April 11 2010

Some Forms Of Idolatry.      

What Do You Want To Hear?                January 17, 2010

The Heavenly Temple                             December 27, 2009

Is America A Christian Nation?                July 5, 2009

Seeking To Destroy The Word Of God

Zeal Is Not Enough

Gideon: A Study In Deliverance--Part I-repentance.

The Worth Of A Single Soul       07/20/08       Outline

Voices From The Red Sea   Exodus 15:1-11

A Message From The Apostle John      II John    05/27/07

The Atheist, The Agnostic, The Disobedient, and The Misguided    06/10/07

Ancient Israel's Lesson For America   07/01/07

James, The Brother Of Jesus   07/08/07        Outline

Punishment For All Sinners   07/15/07              Outline

Come, Share This Burden.  07/22/07                Outline

Behaving Like Children of Light  07/29/07       Outline   

Building with Nehemiah     08/05/07

The Dramatic Dominoes Of The Christian Life    08/12/07     Outline

Delivered From Darkness  08/19/07       Outline     

"Of Sparrows And Hair."     08/26/07   Matthew 10:29-31   Outline

Eating His Flesh And Drinking His Blood   09/02/2007  John 6:52-57

"Lesson from the clay" 09/09/07             Outline

"Growth In The Christian Life"

"The Desire To Be Worshiped." 09/23/2007   Outline

John 14 verse 6   09/30/07    Outline

Do you know God?   10/07/07   Outline

An eye for an eye    10/14/07   Outline

Understanding the Kingdom of Christ    10/21/07   Outline

Mormons in the Dark   10/28/07    Outline

Sola Scriptura    11/04/07    Outline

Working Out Your Salvation Part I    11/11/07   Outline

A Lesson from Samson concerning God's Blessings  11/18/07   Outline

Working Out Your Salvation Part II   11/25/07   Outline

The Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ part I  12/02/07   Outline

The Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ part II          
02/09/07   Outline

Three Chapter ones from the New Testament   12/16/07  Outline

Prepare For Glory-Taming Your Thoughts  12/30/2007   Outline

“The Attitude of Service.” I Peter 1: 13-16    01/06/08    Outline

"The example of the Thessalonians"  I Thessalonians 1:7-8   01/13/08

Proper Christian Life    Outline    01/20/08

Who Wants To Be A Prince  Numbers 16     01/27/08  Outline: Who Wants To Be A Prince

The confidence of the Apostle Paul      02/03/08    Outline

I Know God Loves Me              02/10/08      Outline

Living Stones                    02/17/08     outline

Living the Christian Life      02/24/08

The Roll Call Of The Christian Church

Understanding The Resurrection Of Our Lord Jesus Christ       03/09/08

Remembering the Resurrection of Jesus Christ II     03/16/08

Remembering the Resurrection of Jesus Christ part III    03/23/08    Outline

Jude (I):  An Urgent Message     03/30/08

"The Evil of Self-Corruption" Jude I

Wandering Stars: the Book of Jude    04/20/08

Remember and Build    05/04/08

Retrieved from the Fire     05/11/08  

God Teaches Manasseh A Lesson     05/25/08          Outline

Opportunities unrealized

'Will you weep in heaven or will your tears be wiped away?'        06/08/08

"understanding our Heavenly Father"

Joseph's Lessons for the Modern Christian   06/22/08

Spiritual Armor Part I         07/27/2008     Outline

Spiritual Armor Part II     08/03/2008         Outline

Spiritual Armor Part III     08/10/2008        Outline

Spiritual Armor Part IV  08/17/2008     Outline

Spiritual Armor Part V   08/24/2008     Outline

FAITH                               08/31/2008     Outline

A Healthy Fear Of God  09/07/2008 

Instruction For A Servant Of God     09/14/2008     Outline

The Shepherd and Bishop Of
Your Soul 
                                                09/21/2008     Outline Available On Request

The Burdens And Heaviness Of Paul   09/28/08     Outline

The Lord Is In The Whirlwind             10/05/08

A Proverb For The Modern Church    10/12/08

He Who Holds The Keys     10/26/2008      Outline

Modern Preachers And Ezekiel 13  11/02/2008

Denying godhood     11/09/2008     Acts 14: 8-17

The Importance Of The Wisemen   12/07/2008

Saturnalia and Christmas; Irony and Instruction   12/31/2008

Understanding The Lord Jesus Christ  Part I

Understanding The Lord Jesus Christ  Part II

Understanding The Lord Jesus Christ Part III

Adult Sunday School:    Studies in The Minor Prophets                    

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XXX    03/30/08  study guide #28

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XXIX   03/16/08   Study Guide #27

"Minor Prophets":  Latest Lesson  03/09/08        Study Guide (coming soon)

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XXVII  03/02/08    Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XXVI     02/24/08 Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XXX      02/17/08  Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XXIX     02/10/08  Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XXIII      02/03/08   Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XXIII      01/27/08 Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XXI        01/20/08   Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XX         01/13/08  Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XIX        01/06/08  Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XVIII      12/29/07  Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XVII      12/16/07  Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XVI     12/09/07  Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XV       12/02/07  Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XIV      11/25/07   Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XIII      11/18/07   Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XII       11/11/07  Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson XI        11/04/07   Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson  X        10/28/07   Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson IX        10/21/07    Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson VIII       10/14/07    Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson VII       10/07/07    Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson V         09/30/07  

"Minor Prophets": Lesson IV        09/16/07  

"Minor Prophets": Lesson Ia        09/08/07    Outline

"Minor Prophets": Lesson I         09/01/07    Outline

Introduction to the "Minor Prophets":   08/26/07

For Archived lessons click here (Titus)

Sunday Evening Bible Study:     Studies in II Samuel                          

I Samuel Ch. 31  05/20/07       Outline

II Samuel Ch. 1   05/27/07       Outline

II Samuel Ch. 2   06/03/07       Outline  
II Samuel Ch 3                           
II Samuel Ch. 4   06/17/07        Outline

II Samuel Ch. 5   06/24/07        Outline

II Samuel Ch. 6   07/01/07         Outline

II Samuel Ch. 7   07/09/07         Outline

II Samuel Ch. 8   07/15/07         Outline

II Samuel Ch. 9   07/22/07        Outline

II Samuel Ch. 10  07/29/07      Outline

II Samuel ch. 11  08/05/07       Outline

II Samuel Ch. 12   08/26/07     Outline

II Samuel Ch. 13  09/02/07    Outline

II Samuel Ch. 14  09/09/07       Outline

II Samuel Ch. 15  09/16/07       Outline

II Samuel Ch. 16  09/23/07     Outline

II Samuel Ch. 17  09/30/07    Outline

II Samuel Ch. 18   10/07/07     Outline

II Samuel Ch. 19   10/14/07     Outline

II Samuel Ch. 20   10/21/07     Outline            Word Scramble "C&D's"

II Samuel Ch. 21   11/04/07   Outline

II Samuel Ch. 22    11/11/07  Outline          Word Scramble "Love Those Bible Names"

II Samuel Ch. 23    11/18/07  Outline        Word Scramble "Trees, nuts, grain and fruit"

II Samuel Ch. 24    11/25/07   Outline

Abraham    12/2/2007             Outline

Sarah  12/09/07                       Outline      Scramble

The Three Wise Men              Outline

Job part I     12/30/2007          Outline  

Job part II     01/06/2008      Outline

Job part III    01/13/08    Outline

Jonah, The Irascible

The Eagle          01/26/08        Outline

Ephesians ch 2:1-3     02/03/08       Outline

The Selfishness Of Hezekiah   02/10/08

He Must Reign  I Cor. 15     02/17/08

Give me Strength                02/24/08

The One Great Desire     03/09/08

Follow Me    03/16/08

"Why Call Ye Me, 'Lord'?"    04/09/08

Wednesday Evening Bible Study:                                                                                    


Clement; From The Church At Rome To The Church At Corinth.

"The 4 F's of Scientology "    06/20/07           outline          Illustration  

"Looking Upon The Believer Through God's Eyes."   07/18/07    Outline

"The Good and The Bad Shepherd"     Zechariah 11:12-17   07/25/07

"Who Is The Overcomer?"      08/01/2007     Rev. 2:7   Outline

Unitarianism    08/08/07     Outline            Illustration

"What was Sarah thinking?"   08/15/07

"The Spirit of God Who Groans For You"   Romans :26  08/22/07

"4:4's"   08/29/07    Outline

The Cherubim   09/05/07

The Seraphim    09/12/07

The Universality Of Sin   09/26/07

Luke ch 14:26 often mis-interpreted   10/03/07

EUSEBIUS: [Voices From Church History.]  10/10/07   Outline

Proverbs 26:4-5   10/17/07   

What went wrong with Moses   10/31/07

Augustine of Hippo  11/07/07   Outline

"Things Christ wants his Church to know"
   11/14/07   Outline

New Testament 5:12's

Old Testament 5:12's  12/26/07

The Cursing Of The Fig Tree.   1/06/2008  Outline  audio file not available.      outline

Theology Proper in the Old Testament    Outline

Some Devotional Thoughts From The Invisible War              Outline

The Christian Faith Without Respect Of Persons

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Ancient myths and the Bible          01/30/08          Outline

Daniel and the Vision of Nebuchadnezzar    02/06/08

The Vision Given To Nebuchandezzar II   02/13/08  Outline      

The Vision Given To Nebuchadnezzar III 02/20/08 

Should The Christian Button His Lip?     02/27/2008

The Vision Given To Nebuchadnezzar IV    03/12/08   Outline

The Vision Given To Nebuchadnezzar V     03/19/08  Outline

Walking in the World Part I  Ephesians Ch 4     03/26/08

Walking in the world Part II     04/02/08

Walking in the World part III      04/09/08